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"Fermat’s Principle of Least Hair Care"
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"There is no paradox in the claim that my earlier self who drew figure 78 still exists. I will always be drawing that picture, typing this sentence, and meeting my death."
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If you’re subscribed to my Tumblr, then you probably have at least some interest in math, physics, or science.Drop everything you’re doing right now.Go buy this awesome little 133 page ditty of a Dover book, Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension.It is actually even more awesome than it sounds, and it already sounds sweet as fuck. Basically, Flatland, but instead of 2D to 3D, it’s 3D to 4D. Slightly more rigorous but still completely accessible to those with very little background in math and physics (plus with not-Victorian language), and it has tons of great pictures. (It has made me literally LOL, too.)
Best find I’ve ever made clearing out all the math/physics books at my used local bookstore thus far. And I probably paid $2 for it.
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You can see the panic in my handwriting.
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Oh hey y’all!Just FYI I now also have a second ~math thinspo~ tumblr for stashin’ all the math and physics .gifs/videos/pictures I find on the internet that I find interesting/cool/informative/total-brain-train-food/sculpture-inspiration so I can better keep up with them and look at ‘em all easier than I can links rotting in my bookmarks.Trigonometric Delights! Named after my favorite math book title I’ve found in all my pokin’ around my school’s library, haha. Check it, check ittttt
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"I was warned about this problem and honestly I don’t have it in me right now so I’m going to draw some pictures of my tears instead"(“Watercolored in 5 seconds to better emphasize my despair” because I have an Altoid tin watercolor palette and a mini waterbrush so I have that kind of luxury.)"Here are my sad, defeated, physics undergrad tears (assume they are streaming down my face… at a constant velocity.)""This one is smeared, adding to my sorrow." "I got out of the lines on this one, reinforcing that I feel like a helpless child."

Lord help me, it’s not even finals week yet. (And how fitting that this is my 100th post, considering I went into my physics major fully aware that I was embarking on a suicide mission.)